Facts about herbal medicines

The World Health Organization states that 80 percent of the entire world’s population uses herbal medicines. Since this figure is too high, an observer like me can only assume that there is an herbal medicine for everything; from diarrhea to how to get youtube views on your channel to how to make dreamweaver templates! In Germany, every third medicine prescribed is an herb!  Quite surprisingly, the name Herbert was the 20th most popular name for boys in the UK in the 1900s. In 2010 it wasn’t in the top one hundred. Why? We don’t need to look into it; it’s pretty obvious. As much as herbs are consumed globally, facts about them are not very much known of. For example, in the 17th century, lavender was worn around the wrist to protect people from the plague. Nicholas Culpeper, in the 1600s, suggested burdock for dog bites.  One reason why herbs are preferred over medicated drugs is that herbs have no side effects. Also, herbs are now used by 33% of all Americans. Asthma, premenstrual syndrome, arthritis, menopausal symptoms, depression, and many other problems are now being cured more and more with the use of herbal medicines, instead of the conventional drugs. Herbs can be found, in different percentages, in tea, syrup, oil, pill and capsule, tincture, and liquid form as well. Not only that, even modern medicines are jam-packed with herbs. In fact, 7000 compounds used in medicine today, are taken from herbs.  Moreover, half the medical schools now offer lessons on alternative medicines which include plants as medicines too.
In 1348-50, Europe faced one of the worst pandemics in history: the Black Death. 75-200 million people were killed. After this incident, the use of herbs as medicines was reduced and heavier materials saw an increase in their use such as mercury, lead, arsenic.  But the use of herbs has always been on the rise throughout modern history. Herbs are natural healers. And it is because of this convenience that so many people consume herbs. Also, they are obviously very useful to our health. In fact, fresh herbs have more antioxidants than some fruits and vegetables! For those of us who are curious, antioxidants are not some social activists promoting US Fast Cash, they are the substances that fight heart diseases and even cancer!  Rosemary, for example, is very rich in antioxidants. Basil, one of the most consumed herb, smells very appealing to us humans, but not so much to house flies and mosquitoes; they feel repulsive to it. Herbs play a big role in aromatic uses too; they are used to make sachets to prevent moths, they are even used in pot pourri!
Viably, herbs have been around human life for centuries. Herbal seeds are discovered from cave settlements that were used as long as half a million years ago. Furthermore, from the toomb the very beautiful Cleopatra, there were found herbal instilled oils and creams. No wonder women still use herbs to beautify themselves!

Steve Jobs Death

Steve Jobs was the cofounder and innovator of apple. He made a great impact in America and all over the world with his techy gadgets.The former CEO of apple had been fighting battles with pancreatic cancer for about two decades. Given that pancreatic cancer is usually fatal; it is hard to believe that someone can live for two years with it. This only means that Steve got the right treatment from the word go. Jobs had the type of pancreatic cancer which was of hormone producing cells. This usually has a life expectancy of about 3 to 6 months.It is amazing that he lived that long but something went terribly wrong along the way.

Given that Steve lived for that long; it means that he did not undergo radiation or chemotherapy. Jobs had a liver transplant done before he got cancer.  This led to him taking immune suppressant drugs. Several doctors have come out in the open after jobs death to talk about his cancer and what led to his death. There are those who are of the opinion that his death may have been caused by the suppressants he took after getting a liver transplant.

However, there are also those who are of the opinion that his choice of treatment led to his untimely death. According to experts he would still be alive and kicking today. Experts say he would still be alive if he had used modern medicine instead of alternative remedies.

One Dr. Ramzi Amri who is a researcher at Harvard medical school has an opinion that Steve jobs had a mild case of cancer which is not usually fatal. However, it was his choice of treatment that saw him die early. He also said that the former apple boss went for remedies instead of going for conventional medicine. Dr.Ramzi said that Steve jobs had mild neuroendocrine tumors. According to him, patients with this illness always survive it. Dr.Amri said that patients with this kind of cancer have a 100 percent survival rate.

Steve discovered that he had a tumor in his pancreas in October 2003. His doctors told him that he needed an operation to get cured of the illness. He decided to avoid surgery by opting for alternative treatment. Steve allowed doctors to operate on him nine months later after the tumor had grown. It is true that his choice to go for alternative treatment like having a special diet may have been the root cause for his death.

His idea of “think different” may have taken the best of him and did not allow him to think straight. A lot of people are still wondering how someone who was so technologically empowered could be so ignorant to his health. It goes without say that if Steve jobs would not have gone for alternative remedies, then he would still be alive today. At times thinking differently is not the way to go. He tried to be different even with his health and this cost him his dear life at a productive age of 56 years. Perhaps his alternative treatment was a nomorerack scam.

What are herbal medicines and why are they useful for us?

As a human being and an organic being at that, we may strive to be healthy all the time, but once in a while we get sick due to one of the myriad of disease-causing viruses and bacteria.  We then either self-medicate or go to the doctor for a physical check-up.  Depending on the kind of disease or sickness we have, medicines and treatment can become very expensive.  Before the introduction of “manufactured” medicines that are normally available in pharmacies, our ancestors used plants to treat and heal all kinds of wounds and diseases.  Despite great advancements in technology, herbal medicine is still widely used today and very useful for all of us.

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, herbal medicine “…also called botanical medicine or phytomedicine — refers to using a plant’s seeds, berries, roots, leaves, bark, or flowers for medicinal purposes.”  It is kind of amazing actually or even mind-boggling how our ancestors, without any formal medical training, were able to identify which plants had healing or medicinal capabilities or potential.  What is more astonishing is that our ancestors were able to dissect specific medicinal plants into their different parts, such as roots, leaves, bark, and flowers, and then figured out the particular medicinal use for each part.

Our ancestors used a lot of trial-and-errors to test the medicinal characteristics of different plants.  Some indigenous healers even went to the extent of observing sick animals chewing on previously-known bitter herbs that animals normally reject.  Animals seem to have a natural instinct for sniffing what are poisonous and what are edible plants that may have potential medicinal properties.

Evidence of the use of plants for medicinal purposes can be found in ancient Chinese and Egyptian papyrus writings as early as 3,000 B.C.  More proof can be seen in other ancient cultures, such as African and Native American, as different herbs were used in healing rituals.  Another amazing fact unearthed by researchers is that people from different parts of the world were inclined to use the exact plant or more or less similar plants for the same medicinal purpose.  According to a study by the World Health Organization, 80% of the people around the world depend on herbal medicines for specific parts of their primary health care.

Herbal medicines is used to heal many illness, such as asthma, eczema, premenstrual syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, migraine, menopausal symptoms, cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, and chronic fatigue.  Examples of medicinal herbs include Ginkgo for circulatory disorders and memory enhancement, Kava kava for mood elevation and treatment of anxiety, Saw palmetto, St. John’s wort, Valerian, and Echinacea.

All sorts of herbal medicines can now be conveniently bought online through the Internet.  It is as easy as when you buy more instagram followers.  Although drug administration and regulatory agencies in each country do not necessarily ensure the effectiveness of herbal medicines to cure specific ailments, the agencies do guarantee that herbal medicines as safe alternative cures in accordance with approved manufacturing processes.


What Is Homeopathy?

Individuals who are interested to know what homeopathy is should start their knowledge journey by thinking of the following scenario: in homeopathy, patients who suffer from insomnia caused by drinking too much coffee during the day can in fact be treated while being asked to drink less coffee. Also, patients who are allergic to some substances such as pollen are usually treated with the help of some pills that are known to contain small dosages of pollen. The main principle behind this medicine system is the ‘like with like’ principle. In other words, if something is the cause of your health problems, use that something in smaller dosages in order to threat the illness or problems cause by the same substance or triggering factor.

If usingcoconut oil for face is triggering all sorts of allergies, you could go ahead and search for some homeopathic treatment that involves using coconut oil in smaller concentrations in order to fix your allergy problems. If you are confronting with some severe back pain problems, it might be more difficult to come across a homeopathic treatment, as this might not exactly be a hot topics in education when it comes to homeopathic medicine. Taking a prolonged vacation and going all the way to Ibiza, relax on a cozy, sunny beach and let all your worries slide away. You might grow to discover that the source of your back problems was strictly related to the amount of stress you were constantly submitting your body to. And your fix might come from the simplest action of learning how to loosen up more often.

Homeopaths are also known to be capable of successfully matching the right kind of treatment to each and every singular patient, as symptoms vary from person to person and there is no universal cure to treat all health problems. Some traditional medicine branches are also using the same homeopathic principle of curing illnesses while using small dosages of the substances that are responsible for the respective illnesses in the first place. There is an essential difference between the two fields of medicine. Homeopathic drugs are known to be used in highly diluted concentrations, so they become non-toxic, pretty much like the South Beach smoke electronic cigarette, which is able to provide a healthier alternative for smokers who are thinking of quitting their utterly unhealthy habit.

Pharmacies are known to be responsible for the preparation of the remedies or homeopathic drugs that are then used by patients. Dilution and succession are the two main important processes leading to the end results. Further scientific tests need to be conducted in order to fully demonstrate or understand the effects of highly diluted substances inside the human body, but biological effects are known to be real and already proven, just like PPI Claims tend to have realistic results.

Women Health Care

The debate over women health care is at an interesting and critical junction in many globalizing countries worldwide. Before, the needs of women particularly in the area of reproductive health were not a concern among many countries. In fact, many countries dramatically lacked healthcare facilities to ensure that women’s needs are duly attended to; as a result, the World Health Organization estimates that more than 530,000 women die from childbirth every year in far-flung communities and away from the serviced apartments London and New York.

This is alarming when viewed from all sides of the debate. Consider; women need more than just natural hair products and curly hair accoutrements to feel good about their situation. They need their health taken cared of with effective programs, adequate facilities, sufficient medical attention, and enough funding from the government. They need to have choices for taking care of themselves and of the children they bear. You can’t just tell them to buy Kratom and do what they can with it because the situation is so much more serious.

This is where focus has to be intensified on the areas that intersect women’s health care. Among these are sexual topics particularly in the area of contraception and being given the option to protect themselves from becoming pregnant and from the risks of sexually transmitted diseases. Abortion is also a sensitive debate. Access to treatment and exams like that of the pelvis, pap smear tests, breast cancer screenings, and many others are at the core of being proactive with women’s health. It’s past the time to be mac izle; it is now the time to act.

This is precisely why the debate for enhanced focus on women’s health care is at an interesting and critical junction. Already, there are groups and organizations that are helping in driving the issue forward. The International Committee on the Red Cross, for example, is just one that is extending help to marginalized areas to empower women to take control of their own health and well-being. At the crosshairs of this effort are many areas in Africa, India, and Southeast Asia where government attention continues to be passive at best. And indeed, the severity and urgency of the situation means one needs more than just swtor credits to pull through.

But there are plenty more that can be done. International organizations should act more in these marginalized areas to force governments to enact legislation geared towards women’s health. The ratio of lying-in clinics and hospitals for women needs to improve. Education campaigns to tell women their rights have to be intensified. Young women in their teens need to be aware of the issues at their early stage. Grassroots efforts from communities need to bring these issues to the fore to awaken politicians to pay attention to the plight of women. Non-urgent issues like PPI claim need to be set aside in favor of the more pressing problems.

Will this improve in the next few years? The answer to that question ultimately depends on how involved we are in bringing light to the issue. Remember; women hold the fate of the future population and they are at the core of what happens to countries years on. A quote from Lawrence Housman summed it succinctly, “if nature had arranged that husbands and wives have children alternatively, there would never be more than three in a family.” True, indeed.

Factors to consider before taking medicine as a profession

Of all the professions that one can choose from these days, medicine still seems to be something that is greatly respected worldwide. No matter which part of the world you are in, if you happen to be a doctor, you will be respected in the community. If you end up doing charity work in the third world or in areas that have become the victims of natural disasters, you will see that upon your arrival back to your country, you will be treated like a saint-literally.  Of course, the satisfaction that comes with being able to help other human beings with a matter concerning life and death is beyond any satisfaction that you can ever experience! However, nothing comes without a price and satisfaction of this magnitude obviously comes at a price higher than the average tuition fee that colleges charge! This post covers a few facts that you definitely need to keep in mind if you plan on taking up medicine as a profession. Take advantage of this information and you will benefit greatly!

You will have to forego a normal social life:

Despite the fact that television serials show that the lives of medical students revolve around making friends, going to parties and studying only when the theme song is being played, believe me, it is not that simple at all. Being a medical student will definitely require you to give up the social life that other students very easily enjoy. You will have to bear in mind that your life will significantly change the moment you sign up for medical school.

You will not be able to tell between night and day:

Okay, so it’s not like you will go blind God forbid. What I mean to say is that your routines will definitely be messed up. You will study for long hours at a stretch and chances are that you will be confined to your room for long periods of time when you aren’t taking classes. You may lose track of time very easily! You will probably sit in the same place for hours at a stretch and believe me, that can be more painful than a bulging disc!

House jobs are not as fun as they show it on television:

You will not have ‘how to save a life’ playing as your theme song if a patient comes in the emergency room during your house job. Furthermore, you cannot expect things to be as clean and perfect as depicted on television serials. The emergency room will obviously be a gruesome sight with people with all sorts of injuries and problems coming to you for help.

You see, it is essential that you understand these factors and make a well informed decision if you are to enter the medical profession. You do not want to come to a point mid way through medical school where you decide that you simply can’t do this anymore. However, as hard as it sounds, it doesn’t mean that you won’t have a life at all; you will simply have to cross through a very hard phase in order to enter the phase where your profession will be a highly rewarding profession. Good luck with your choice!


The Future of Medical Sciences

Medicine has come a long way since ancient times and lasers and skilled doctors are now able to provide patients the fast weight loss procedures they need. Sure these surgeries can get quite expensive and one might have to sell his or her Gibson Les Paul guitar in order to cover them. But the price is a small one to pay, considering the obvious advantages such procedures imply. And this is just one example of just how advanced medicine has truly gotten for obese individuals.

Folks who are benefiting from free government cell phones might have some problems with the huge costs of some of the most modern medical interventions they might need. Asking for some good insurance quotes might do the trick for some, but not all patients. We are talking about procedures that are using microscopic instruments in order to sequence patients’ genomes in order to reveal the genetic causes of their illnesses, when nothing else seems to work and physicians need to view source of patients’ diseases. And these procedures cost a great deal of money, as you might imagine.

As a matter of fact, the technology of gene sequencing has been touted as the future of medicine for more than a decade now. With so many medical approaches to all sorts of conditions, and not a great deal of positive results when it comes to deadly illnesses, the future of the medical science seems to focus on preventing, rather than treating. This means the need to learn in advance of the risk of suffering diseases in the future should be able to aid prevent the occurrence of the respective illnesses. Thinking to do some South Africa travel and knowing about one’s predisposition to a poor immune system could therefore help take necessary precaution measures.

But the list does not stop here. There are a lot of brand new technologies that enable robotic surgeries nowadays. There are also a lot of systems that enable remote patient care and monitoring on a 24/7 basis. This means that physicians’ attention will eventually land more and more on the development of new cures and ways to approach surgeries and health care practices.  It is needless to say that the entire planet s lacking sufficient medical personnel, hence, future students should also be encouraged to pick medical sciences as their area of expertise. Top-notch modern study laboratories and the opportunity to become a part of worldwide medical experiments should be the main arguments used to lobby for this field of study.

The future of medical science is therefore a glorious one. Digital technologies enable doctors to carry all the information they need during diagnosis with the help of Smartphones. The field of robotics enables physicians to prepare fully functional machine like limbs for paralyzed and limbless patients. Nanotechnology lets microscopic robots walk across the circulatory system and monitor vital functions, while discovering health conditions. And the list does not stop here.

Benefits of Herbal Medication

When you feel sick you head to the doctor or pharmacy who will give you medication that you believe will fix the problem, in many cases over the counter medications only mask the symptoms and they will return within a short period of time.

Herbal medicine is being more widely used around the world because of it’s benefits, one of the benefits you can expect is a low cost alternative that can help you eradicate the problem and start feeling healthier as soon as possible.

It’s a sad reality that over the counter medications and prescription medications are expensive and not everyone can afford to pay the high prices for antibiotics and other necessary medicines, herbal medicine is a fraction of the cost and a healthier alternative.

Natural Healing

A major benefit of herbal medication is that it is completely natural, there are no hidden chemicals and drugs, but one hundred percent natural substances that are used to make you feel a lot better. This is not a new service, herbal medications have been around for years but are only growing popular in recent years.

Improved Immunity

Herbal medicines help improve your immune system. A good working immune system has the ability to fight off a number of ailments from flu to stomach bugs. The herbal medicines have natural healing properties which boost your immune system making your body stronger to fight off any illnesses you may be suffering from. You can search for more information online as you would for cerco casa or flowers victoria bc.

Ongoing Benefits

Natural herbal medicines are a change in lifestyle and often taken on a daily basis, this means your immunity is improved and you receive ongoing benefits from taking the medication. If you were on antibiotics or pain killers you would need to eventually treat the symptoms caused by the medicines prescribed by your doctor. With herbal options you continue to benefit year after year as your health improves along with your overall well-being.

No Side Effects

I always find it so amusing reading the side effects on the insert you get when you get medicines from the doctor or pharmacy, they are miles long and tablets that should help with pain can cause nausea, shivers, vomiting and so much more. Why do we put ourselves through this? Reading the leaflet enclosed in medications is like reading movie reviews, they are long and informative.

When it comes to herbal medicines there are no side effects. Remember the medicine is one hundred percent natural, they are made from plants found throughout the world that are used to enhance your health, giving you the strength to play the temple run game or fight for your rights with a car accident lawyers.

Overall herbal medications are filled with benefits with absolutely no negatives that I can think of. Compared to regular prescription medication there is no need for making a decision, I will head for the herbal medications every time knowing they are natural, offer ongoing benefits and offer absolutely no side effects.

Contributions of IT to Medical Sciences

Information technology, or IT on short has played a significantly important role into the development, modernization, and continuous improvement of the field of medicine throughout the years. The use of tablets and telemedicine tools in nurse practitioner schools is just one of the many modern-day examples we could be providing you with at the moment.

No matter if you are planning on booking a room at the Sapphire Waters Motor Inn or you are looking for a personal injury attorney, chances are you have already taken your research online. This means you are either using your computer or Smartphone or tablet in order to gain faster access to multiple sources of information. The same goes for the introduction of IT into the field of medicine: everything happens a lot faster and the work of physicians is receiving a considerably important aid via the tele-radiology, tele-dermatology, or tele-surgery tools that are all part of the important field of telemedicine. The successful implementation of hardware and software apps and tools that are currently used inside hospitals throughout the world and the use of wireless networks to ensure immediate communication and proper diagnosis means via mobile devices and tablets are additional aspects that deserve to be mentioned here.

The development of science labs and medical venues where the use of IT systems to analyze huge data files is another extraordinary breakthrough that needs to be mentioned here as well. Hospital physicians can now easily support their decisions and set diagnosis based on a more complex set of medical data thanks to these highly useful IT tools. The creation of electronic medical card that patients now carry are making it easier for physicians to treat their patients in case of emergencies due to the important health records these cards contain.

According to a 2006 study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, it would seem that the use of IT in the field of medicine can successfully improve the efficiency and also the quality of hospital patient care. Medical staff can be trained to properly follow the guidelines for certain hospital conditions upon using specific IT tools. Also, the number of medication errors can be significantly reduced thought the use of IT.

Assuming you are working for US Fast Cash and the stressful nature of your job has caused you to suffer a heart attack, reaching a hospital where your patient record can provide doctors with all the drug cross-reference information they need to avoid harmful drug interactions is something that a great IT system can help you profit from.

The risk of compromising patient information still exists, as long as security breaches will continue to exist, but the truth is there are more benefits of suing IT into the field of medicine than there are drawbacks.